Lorena has experimented with multiple mindfulness techniques and has packaged the methods that helped her the most.

She gives thanks to finding yoga and meditation which saved her life and helped her find forgiveness and calmness within her heart.

She believes that our minds and our bodies have the medicine to heal within and to also heal each other. Her classes help connect with self through breathwork, cold water and self observation and also connect with others by creating experiences that foster community and inspire collaboration and support.

Her intention is love, her intention is healing, her intention is truth.

With the intention to bring families together.

Lorena is a RYA 500 Yoga Instructor, she brings 14 years of yoga practice and teaching experience. She has 4000+ Hrs of Meditation Practice.

She has attended

  • 500 hour ERYT Yoga Certification (2007)

Teacher:Nicole Shaw

  • Yoga Nidra Certification (2019)

Teacher: Jeremy Wolf

  • 3 x 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Courses (2009,2010,2019)

As taught by Goenka G.

Her gift is to touch and help people breathe through mindfulness practices.


Awaken La Vita is a organization based in Denver, CO


Lorena Oblitas, Founder